dimarts, 7 de juny de 2016

Classical music

      Classical Music

Classical  music usually relaxes instead of rock and roll, and is not usually done.

Everything all that you ear are istruments conributing.

Some of his instruments are:
Flutes, , trumpets, box, saxophone, English horn, tubes, violins, harp, clarinets...

A great composer is a Beethoven and some of his songs are:

Ode to joy, For Elisa, 5th symphony,....

He was born on December of 1770 on Alemania.
He died on March 26,1827 and died in Vienna, Australia. He died when he was 57.
His full name is: Ludwig Beethoven.
He didn´t got married.

My favourite countries

I would like to go to:
Brazil, because my father was born there, also because I want o see the carnival and I want to go to Brazil because it is a ver nice place.

U.S.A, because there are many famous, and you can go to Orlando's Disney world Resort and I want to see the Statue of Liberty.

Australia,because I like o surf, because I want to see kangaroos and because I want to see the finding Nemo study.

England, I would like to visit the Big Ben, to visit the London Eye and to visit Cambridge University.

France, I would like to visit the Eiffel Tower, to enter the Louvre Museum and to see the city of Nantes.